Saturday, 9 October 2010

I am a tightwad

Being a tightwad (person who doesn't spend money) is really annoying.

I love reading junk mail (I call it window shopping without the walking), and in about every leaflet I find someone that I really want to buy. iPod touch, DSLR Camera, even just a cheap book, or CD, or anything! Never going to the shops unless I actually needed something, I would have a period of time just mulling over the things I would do with my new purchase. After a while though, it would begin to seem not that special, I would see some faults in the product, or just get bored of thinking about it. In the end, I eventually give up on putting it on my shopping list and go without.

Even when I do actually buy something it takes me ages, as when I bought my compact digital camera. From when I said I wanted to buy one, to actually buying one, took me about 2 years! Not because I was saving money, but because every single junk mail would advertise a newer, better camera, so I just waited. I wanted my camera to be the best value for money. In the end, it took me one hour to actually buy the camera, only going to one store. Since I already knew what I was looking for, I just went to the counter and bought it. However, even when I was handed my new camera, I felt sick that I spent so much money. Will I like it, will it work, will it be good? Tons of questions went through my head, and I didn't even get to enjoy the euphoria of a good purchase some people feel much anyway. In the end I rented out my camera to my family members for cash, so it didn't really cost me anything anyway! Plus, my camera of 4 years now, outlasted my two sister's cameras that they bought later! I did make a good choice after all!

Reading this, you might think that I am just a person like any one else who doesn't want to spend money. But looking at my school mates, what they do with their money is, spend on snacks, spend on other fun, and spend on other things. Occasionally, they will save up for something that they want, and then buy it, but other than that there is no saving! On the other hand, what I do with my money is usually always save! I don't even think of what I am saving up for, but it is the only alternative to not spending! Lucky I did save in the end, because I had a bike crash and my bike needed major repairs, which took about half my savings.

One lesson I am learning from this little personality trait of mine is that, in the end money will dissapear when I die. No point in saving it! I keep on challenging myself to give more to church, because that is something that will benefit people.

Thanks for reading this blog, and if you wnat my opinion on anything just comment.


  1. Apparently even religious people can be capitalists too (renting out the camera - to family no less!) LOL. It's all good. Funny, but good. Oh and I loved that you called liking to read junk mail "window shopping without the walking". I'm totally going to use that.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Junk mail fanatics all need to help each other out in times of need!