Saturday, 23 October 2010

Gifts of the world

My mum's birthday was just recently and it was quite good because she said she didn't want any presents. In the end we pampered her by letting her soak in the bath with nice salts, I gave her a back-rub, we put a face-mask on her, and let her not cook for the day.

She was really happy by the end of the day, and looked like it was one of the best days of her life. Although she didn't have any real things the next day to play with, or read, she still had the memories of what happened, and enjoyed that.

Before, I would have been sad if I didn't get any "real" presents, but now I am rethinking...

Anyway, real presents, what are they worth? A book I will read, and probably forget about soon, but a party, or a nice day will probably stay with me for longer... A book costs $20, but how can you express the price of memories?

A lot of people might agree with this idea of priceless memories but could you go deeper than that?

When you get older, don't memories expire too? I feel so sorry for a grandparent who doesn't remember her son's face. So even memories don't last the test of time. Then what does?

To me, that is heaven. God promises that Heaven will go on for eternity, and when we get there, we will also be there for eternity. This gives me so much hope, that I do have something that I can cling onto in this disappearing world.

Today, I learnt that although worldly things will pass away, God, and Heaven will last forever, giving hope to me during tough times.

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